Clarenville Trail Hikes

Trail links Animations and Pictures (Round-trip Distances) Easy 0.7 km Elizabeth Swan Park Paved Walking Track 2.0 km Shoal Harbour Causeway Trail Loop 2.0 km Wellness Trail Loop 2.5 km Rotary Trail Loop Moderate 2.0 km Dam Pond Trail 3.0 km Bare Mountain Trail Loop 4.0 km Shoal Harbour River Trail Difficult 14.0 km Pike's Path / Joe's Pond / Boonies Mill (TCH) Trail Ratings EASY: Paths generally have elevation changes or no more than 25m. Hikers will experience good trail conditions. Paths include bridges, stepping stones, boardwalks, steps and retaining walls. MODERATE: Path elevation changes up to 75m may occur. Paths include bridges, stepping stones, or boardwalks. Boardwalks may not cover all wet areas. DIFFICULT: Paths elevation changes up to 150m may occur. Hikers may experience rugged wilderness trail conditions Short Videos of Local Hikes, Regional Hikes and ATV rides Regional Hikes ATV Rides
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