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Trail Ratings

EASY: Paths generally have elevation changes or no more than 25m. Hikers will experience good trail conditions. Paths include bridges, stepping stones, boardwalks, steps and retaining walls.

MODERATE: Path elevation changes up to 75m may occur. Paths include bridges, stepping stones, or boardwalks. Boardwalks may not cover all wet areas.

DIFFICULT: Paths elevation changes up to 150m may occur. Hikers may experience rugged wilderness trail conditions

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We are in a Very Different Spot - Finance Minister Wiseman on Budget 2015

Finance Minister Wiseman summed up the Province's 2015 Budget reality succinctly: “We are in a very different spot”.  In a period in which oil is less than half the value than it was a year earlier, “different spot” is may be a bit of an understatement.  Things have changed a lot in a year and the minister and the government is facing some serious challenges.  Minister Wiseman talk to the Clarenville Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday evening focused exclusively on how and why the government is planning to deal with the downturn – while trying to have a minimal impact on the economy.   In his address he covered the following topics – each of which spoke to the basic principles government has looked at in its crafting the budget: ·                   A Culture of Cost Management     A Refocus our Health System           A Refocus of the College of the North Atlantic           A Focus on long range planning for infrastructure with 5 year planning           A Readjustment

Greater Clarenville Destination & Sights

G. Greater Clarenville Destination & Sights Are you interested in exploring the multiuse trails in and around Clarenville? Last year I created this trail page to share some of the routes I've explored and help encourage you and other people to see a side of Clarenville that you will not see from the streets. Additionally, our town is complete with services to support your exploration - check out my maps, videos and links to these services. pt Click to access Trail Routes and Videos DESTINATIONS Tug Pond Shoal Harbour Pond (Clarenville's water supply) Andrews Pond (Clarenville's water supply) Thorburn Lake TCH Chute/Shoot Steady Brook Falls Southwest River Falls Port Blandford Trestle Northwest River Trestle RB36 Peacemaker Crash Goobies Railway Granite Quarry Beaver Pond rock culvert Clarenville Drop/Parking Areas White Hills Road Clarenville Railway Museum TCH @ Cougar Construction  Trynor’s Pit Clarenville Services (Errors or ommissions?  Email me and I'll ge

ATV/Multiuse Trails - Greater Clarenville

ATV/Multiuse Trails - Greater Clarenville /Multiuse Trails - Greater Clarenville Featured Trail - Clarenville to Terra Nova to Kepenkeck Lake In this video, we travel the approximately 110 km route from Clarenville to Terra Nova village and then up through the Terra Nova River valley to Kepenkeck lake. Here we see evidence of the area's rich logging history. The Terra Nova River valley stretches some 140 km from the river mouth in Glovertown to its headwaters in the heart of the Middle Ridge Wildlife Reserve. It includes some big, uniquely named lakes like Nanedock Lake, Dog Pond, Kepenkeck Lake, Lake St. John, Mollyguajeck Lake, and Terra Nova Lake. This waterway provided a natural highway for early central Newfoundland logging and pulp milling operations. The Town of Terra Nova was the most easterly Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company logging division and the logging division farthest from Grand Falls. Terra Nova started life as a sawmilling community. A sawmill was first