Sunday, November 4, 2018

Clarenville - A Statistical Profile of Clarenville (based on the 2016 Census)

As Budget time rolls around, we start thinking about the priorities of the Town for the year to come.   To frame this thinking, I have used the recently published data from the 2016 Census to give a clearer snapshot of Clarenville. Here's what I found...

The Town of Clarenville is odd - in a good way  As most of the Province's town's beyond the isthmus shrink and age at an alarming rate, Clarenville is one of the few towns in Newfoundland and Labrador that continues to grow and whose population median age sits a full four years younger than the provincial median.  

The 2016 Statistics Canada Census sheds a beacon on light on Clarenville.  

What follows are some of the key findings:

Age/Education - The Median age, the age at which half the population is above, and half below, of NL in 2016 was 46.  The major population centres, with the opportunity they provide, tend to attract younger people.  Clarenville is one example of one of those opportunity growth centres, as younger working families have moved in, the median age in Clarenville has been kept to about 42 - a full four years younger than the provincial average.   The data also shows that Clarenville has a strong pool of skilled labour with the majority of residents with post-secondary education.  58% of the population being of working age and over 65% have earned a post-secondary diploma or degree.  People under 20 also outpace people over 65. 24% of the population is less than 20 years old, whereas 18% are over 65. 

Clarenville's Age Profile from the 2016 Census. 

Clarenville's Education Profile 

Income -  There are many families in Clarenville whose income is limited.   However, there are many more with solid incomes.  Median income is $76,000 per household which closely matches the Canadian average but well exceeds the NL average of $67,000 annually.

Clarenville's Income profile - Median income for Clarenville Households of $76,032 in 2015

Clarenville's top occupational areas - Retail and Health Care/Social Services lead the way. The median income for Clarenville Households of $76,032 in 2015 

Clarenville's Housing profile. 3 & 4 bedroom homes are the norm in our community.

Clarenville's Housing profile. The vast majority of homes are single-detached houses. 

Clarenville has been growing - and most people are coming here from other parts of Newfoundland and Labrador. The vast majority of people had been in their current homes for more than a year. The most movement that did happen, was within Clarenville.


Friday, August 31, 2018

The Bare Mountain Centennial Star - College Community Involvement


Bare Mountain is one of the prominent features of the Clarenville's skyline. It towers some 156 meters above Clarenville’s harbour.  You can reach the peak of Bare Mountain relatively easily along the Bare Mountain hiking trail that can be accessed at numerous points in the town.  At the top, you can overlook most of the town, Random Island and Smith Sound as it leads into Trinity Bay.  

Beyond Clarenville residents, people are familiar with Bare Mountain because of the prominence of the large star that sits at its top.   Each Christmas season the star is lit - making it visible from the Highway many kilometers beyond Clarenville's boundaries.  

The Bare Mountain Star was a 1967 Centennial project of the Town of Clarenville.

The original Centennial Star was designed, welded, wired and assembled by students and faculty in drafting, carpentry, electrical, welding and pipefitting programs at Clarenville campus.  They even helped the Town erect the structure.

The Colege's Role in the Legacy of the Bare Mountain Star

That original star stood as treasured Town feature for almost 30 years.  After it was destroyed in a windstorm, the Town had a larger new star constructed to replace the original.  Today the Bare Mountain Star stands as a symbol for the Town and beacon at Christmas. 

The Random Guardian
Council Notes from The Random Guardian, January 1967
Source: The Unofficial Clarenville Page: (Thanks to Kevin Elliott)

Centennial Symbols

When you read this column, we hope that you will have viewed the Lighting of the Centennial Symbol ceremony which is scheduled to be held at midnight, New Year’s Eve on the Bare Mountain.  The lighting of the Centennial Symbol is recognized by authorities concerned to be one of the most imaginative projects undertaken as a Centennial Project, and considerable publicity is planned by these authorities accordingly.  This project is three-fold as a Christmas Star, Easter Cross and Centennial Symbol is all contained in one complex. The Council in conjunction with the Vocational School did all the Carpentry, Electrical, Welding and Pipefitting required.  Council is therefore indebted to the Principal of the School, Mr. Wilbur West and his instructors, Harry O’Gay, Mr. William Penney, Mr. Gordon Rideout and Mr. D. Yetman for their excellent and invaluable co-operation.  Also, appreciation is extended to Mr. Don Tremblett and his staff for their cooperation in installing this fixture on the Bare Mountain. 

Clarenville Campus Yearbook, 1967

Friday, July 13, 2018

Arts Under the Stars 2018

2018 marked the thirteenth year of Clarenville's free outdoor concert series, Arts Under the Stars.  The 2018 season got underway on July 5th with the amazingly talented Kellie Loder, and was followed by some great shows from established and up-and-coming artists.   Check out these selections by clicking on the photo...

Aug. 16 - Brad Tulk

Aug. 9 - Dave Panting & Greg Simm


Aug. 2 - Rick Fines and Morgan Davis

July 26 - Janet Cull

July 19 - Celebrating Local Talent for Clarenville Day

Kathleen Fillier & Andrew Best 

Gerry Organ & Mackenzie Baird

The Lazy Daisies (Kira Skinner & Grant Pelley) 

July 12 - Jordon Harnum

July 5 - Kellie Loder

Arts Under the Stars is made possible because of the generous contributions of the following community-minded sponsors

Monday, July 9, 2018

In Our Backyard Video Series - Clarenville Tourism

The Town of Clarenville has a lot to offer and unfortunately, not everybody knows that. Clarenville also has the geographic advantage of being the "gateway" to the Bonavista peninsula - one of the largest tourism destinations in the province. Over the course of 2018, I've been putting together a series of short videos about Clarenville's (and the region's ) "must see" places that I have entitled "In Our Backyard".  Each video has been shot with drone.

If you have any suggested places, let me know ;)

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Clarenville from the Air - Drone photos and video of Clarenville, NL, Canada

Here is a link to our collection of Drone Videos and Photos over Clarenville, NL Canada . This file is updated regularly. 


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Snowmobile Collection

My sister Ann and my nephew Andrew in the Notch Mountains area of  Buchans
Brand new 1980 Elan in Buchand NL
Christmas Tree fetching at Oriental in Buchans, Christmas 1980