Sunday, April 22, 2012

Potential – Shoal Harbour River Trail/Green-Space

Last week, I attended the Town’s branding review meeting. While there, there was a clear recognition of the potential that exists in this town...I’ve been thinking about that.

On this beautiful Earth Day, my wife and I took a walk along the short, but picturesque trail that runs from the Shoal Harbour River Bridge, up the river, to Riverview Drive Extension.  (Watch the video and come with us along the trail!)

It’s a lovely trail with all kinds of potential.  The Friends of the Shoal Harbour River (FOSHR) recognized and acted on this  potential of this trail a few years back. They upgraded the trail head, installed a couple of heavy duty trash containers and a picnic table.   

Now this area gets lots of use and in the summer it’s become a real mecca for kids and their parents who want to cool off in the river on summer days.    FOSHR has done a great job, and most importantly,  their work has proven the worth of doing more.   The Town - or a group in the town,  has a golden opportunity to invest some energy into upgrading the trail and clearing the trailhead/riverbank area to create more room for green-space, complete with picnic tables and potentially interpretation signage.  We’re not talking about a big job, but one that has lots of potential to further improve the quality of life in our town.

Have a look at the video and, if you can,  see for yourself this week - and bring a garbage bag to help clean up the mess that you'll find along the trail.

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