Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pre-Budget Consultation - Writers and Presenters Only Please

After carefully listening to Tuesday’s Council meeting I was taken aback by Council's approval and insistence for “in writing” only proposals and limited private meetings for the pre-budget consultation with the finance committee scheduled for October 30.

The formality of this approach will almost ensure that fewer people will seek a meeting and, because of the insistence on “in writing” comments, even fewer people will take part – especially those who are not competent speakers or writers – they will simply not bother to participate in the process.

What impact will this decision have on the retired senior, people who prefer to express themselves vocally rather than through the written word  or the young person who each might have some very insightful thoughts to share with the Council but who will be frozen out?

If you feel Clarenville needs more opportunity for citizen participation rather than less, please express your concerns to Mayor Fred Best  466.7937

You can listen to this issue discussed beginning at the 27 minute mark

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