Thursday, May 23, 2013

Educational Learning Moments...

In a time when the media is full of stories about the challenges being faced by our education system, it is heartening to find a shining example where the true heart of our education system – the people in it – is proven to be beating and very much alive and capable of creating priceless opportunities for “learning moments".

Such was the case at a Riverside School concert this past Wednesday evening.  Grade 3-6 students demonstrated their talent in an evening of Newfoundland and Labrador song and dance.  
There were many outstanding acts, but two acts in particular became "learning moments".

One act had a talented young man doing his rendition of Terra Nova National Park’s folk hero Clayton, (AKA Dave Saunders) doing the “moves” to “I’m Clayton and I know it” (You can see Clayton’s original and hilarious video below).  Unbeknownst to the young performer, “Clayton” was in the audience and he joined the young man on stage!  A unexpected and awesome surprise!   

Later, a group of young performers came to the stage to sing one of NL’s  “Other” provincial anthems – Salt Water Joys.  As if the first cameo performance wasn’t enough to stir the crowd, Buddy Wasisname & the Other Fellers' Wayne Chalk, who penned Salt Water Joys, unexpected climbed on the stage and accompanied the children in singing this powerful song.  Faces lit up!    

In a time of cutbacks, an absolute focus on budgets, teacher layoffs, and classroom overcrowding it is nice to see that the people who make our system what it is – the students, teachers, parents and the volunteers in our community, are still there doing their jobs to the very best of their abilities.   Surprise and delight are powerful learning tools  – Thanks Dave and Wayne for helping provide an “ educational extra” and a  priceless learning moment that will not soon be forgotten.


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