Friday, March 21, 2014

Hey Beautiful Day Clarenville

Almost three years ago Greg Pittman, Winter Games Host Committee Chair, approached me about being part of the organizing committee for the 2014 Winter Games that would be held in Clarenville in March of 2014. During that same conversation, in a very enthusiastic voice, Greg said - "and I'd like us to make a video of Clarenville...". That was the start of a project that would boil down two years’ work into three minutes. It encompassed shooting over 250 shots of Clarenville through its four seasons, at every imaginable event - in High Definition.

I took Greg's proposal to my colleagues here at the College. Deidra Strowbridge is an expert at design and crafting ideas. She has been behind our award winning Enactus team. Shannon Oake is an extraordinary visual designer and expert photographer, and Jody Locke is a master at video production, editing and photography - Shannon and Jody's work is behind a lot of the new media production that the find in several Distributed Learning courses & programs offered by the College. When I explained the concept to them they all expressed a keen interest in it and that enthusiasm eventually translated into the final video.

Squeezing everything into 3 minutes was a challenge and Jody's idea to 'split' the screen allowed us to do much more in the time we had to do it. Dee and Jody painstakingly went through hours of video to whittle down to the final product. Still there are 50 scenes that show over 150 people enjoying life in Clarenville.

We're all super proud of the finished product and we hope it truly reflects the sun-up to sun-down vibrancy of our Town. Please share it. 

We hope that you enjoy it.


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  1. A fantastic job by everyone. It really covers everything Clarenville has to offer. Great job!