Friday, April 11, 2014

Taking the Long and the Positive View

In this week's edition of THE PACKET Shawn Hayward's lead story "Weather, economic uncertainty affect real estate" suggested that short term factors like winter weather and economic uncertainty pointed to some sign of cooling in the hot Clarenville economy.

Granted the late arrival of spring and a less than expected impact of Hebron will tend to push down home sales but these are short term hiccups rather than long term structural problems with the Clarenville economy.

Realtor Neil Norcott's insight was key and I want to make sure we all recognize it.  At the end of the story Neil rightly points out that "Many people who move back to Newfoundland from wherever they are now, not necessarily from the Clarenville area when they left, are picking Clarenville as a destination, mostly because of the amenities we have, the quality of life our community offers, and its geographic location. All are reasons people want to move here, and I don't see that changing."  He's bang-on!

Our continued investment in our Town and our faith in its future can and will create a self fulfilling prophecy of continued growth.  Let's not fall into the trap of holding back because of negative thoughts of our future -  Negative vibes could become a self fulfilling prophecy as well - that none of us want to see.  

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