Friday, May 16, 2014

White Hills - A Gem in our Backyard - Jason Crawford

What's not to love about winter?  That was the theme of last Wednesday's Chamber luncheon.

Jason Crawford, White Hills Resort's General Manager gave a complete overview of the 2014 season and outlined his and the Boards vision for the future in a speech he gave to the Clarenville Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday May 14th.

This past winter, White Hills Ski Resort had its best year ever.

2014 saw the community owned resort draw approximately 20,000 ski visits which yielded about $1 million in direct revenues - all this despite being closed for 5 weekends due to electricity conservation or weather - That's a 30% increase over last year.

Crawford pointed that the Resort's benefits stretch well into the community.  Research from New Brunswick has shown that each ski visit generates approximately $118 into the local economy, and that number jumps to $172 per day if the person stays overnight.  That translates into a $2 million annual benefit to the local economy.  

Watch the video of Resort Manager, Jason Crawford's address to Chamber below:

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