Friday, May 20, 2016

Out of the Ashes - Music for Friends: Fort McMurray Fundraiser

Out of the Ashes

Every once in a while there is a 'magic moment' where time and place come together to form a perfect bond around some memorable event.

The quickly organized and most excellently executed, Music for Friends: Fort McMurray Fundraiser that took place on the evening of Monday, May 16 in Clarenville was just such a moment - a 3 hour 'moment' that showcased some amazing talent by generous hearts.

The event was in response to the devastating Fort McMurray fires, and with all of the proceeds raised being forwarded to the Canadian Red Cross Fort McMurray Relief Fund, it was a great cause to help Newfoundland socalled "third city".  

The event was the brainchild of Todd Cole and the staff at the Clarenville Town Office with the support of the Town Council (aka: The Citizens of Clarenville) - and their efforts coupled with the staff of the Eastlink Events Centre - They brought the idea to reality by signing on the entertainers, promoting the event, selling the tickets making the experience a memorable one.

Because of all of this and the support of the greater community Monday's concert raised over $10,000. 

Thanks to the fabulous entertainers who contributed their time and talent, and a special shout out to Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers - who regretfully could not attend, the Rotary Club of Clarenville, and the Clarenville Minor Hockey Association who each made significant financial contributions.

Thanks to to our Business Community who offered great items for a silent auction! 

Here are a series of VIDEOs that capture the spirit of the evening and the awesome entertainers...

Links to media coverage:

Emcee Todd Cole introduces the evening...

Jordie Power (of Marystown) and his Dad wrote  "Driven from our Home" 
a song about the fires - he performed it for the audience 

Mayor Frazer Russell presents a cheque from the Town of Clarenville

An outstanding performance by Three Shades of Grey.  Three Shades is the talented Clarenville Trio of Gerry Organ, Rowena Avery and Harold Crewe

Great Performance by "Yard Sale"  - Christina Bishop, Ches March, Merle Rogers and Harold Crew

Owen Green, Todd Brett and Dave Piercey show their tremendous talent
The Rotary Club of Clarenville made a donation presentation at the fundraiser - here Rotarians Karen and Graham Bursey present to Todd Cole - Director of Leisure Services for the Town of Clarenville 

Touching words of two Fort McMurray based - Clarenville area natives, Krista Balsom (a communications professional who owns and Derek Carter - both have been displaced by the fires. (Raw unedited video)

A great performance by Baggs & Baggage.  B&B is Mike Baggs, Terry Baggs, Randy Baker and Owen Green

Clarenville's Sláinte (pronounced sa-LON-cha)  Slainte is Greg Harnum, Denis Sullivan, Bert Roberts, Carl Winter and subbing for Doug Fleming and Curt Blackmore, John Russell 

And finally - the Dimaggios.  The Dimaggios are a St. John's based band of Clarenvillians! Stephen Pretty, Richard Smith, & Stephen Denty entertained the audience with their great harmonies - they even brough a special guest - Phil Churchill from the Once!

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