Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Setting the Record Straight - Down on the Farm

I imagine by now I/We have upset some 'local' farmers. This week's edition of the PACKET has reported correctly that the Community Development and Communications committee of Council, which I am the Chair, turned down a request to take part in a buy local campaign for farmers. (see The Packet Down on the farm - Dec 12, 2013 Edition).  We did indeed turn the opportunity to participate in the campaign down, not because it was a bad idea, but rather because it was a much better project for our farming oriented neighbouring towns of Musgravetown & Lethbridge.

There are no farming businesses in the Town of Clarenville
I am a firm believer in building on strengths and the fact of the matter is that farming is simply not one of the Town of Clarenville's strengths.  It is strength for the Musgravetown area - they know the farmers, the farms and the area, and as a result they would be much more informed, credible and supportive player in the initiative.

As as Town, our job must be to focus our limited resources of time, talent and treasure into things we do well.  We made a conscious and calculated effort to focus our efforts on helping our local business sector.  By helping to ensure their success, they in turn, will be able to help regional industries, such as farms located in the Musgravetown area, prosper.
So Farmers, our decision not to participate in the Buy Local initiative was by no means meant to diminish the value of the/your efforts - rather we felt that your voice channeled through a farming region would be much stronger and much more credible.  We only have limited resources, so we'd prefer to focus our efforts on developing Clarenville's strengths - that in turn will help grow your markets and help ensure your future.

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