Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Big Decision - Right for You?.

Katie Cumby, an associate producer at the CBC is looking for Canadian small businesses to participate in a season 2 of the CBC show called The Big Decision. (

The show features companies from coast-to-coast that come from a variety of industries. Throughout the episode, one of Canada's top investors visits each company, provides expert advice and in the end decides whether or not he or she will invest. There are many benefits to the company- not only receiving top-notch business advice, but also the possibility of receiving an investment that could help turn the company around.

The deadline of June 8th and it is fast approaching so they are encouraging companies to apply ASAP.  Surely there are many businesses in Clarenville that could take advantage of this!

Please contact:

Katie Cumby
Associate Producer
CBC Television
(416) 205 5571
Twitter: @thebigdecision

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