Monday, May 28, 2012

Come Near at Your Peril

Tourist season is coming up fast and as you know many tourists stop by Clarenville along their way.

Imagine if you will,  that you are one of those tourists driving to or through Clarenville.
If it’s your first time in Clarenville in a while you will notice lots of changes and a lot of growth.  But first you need to get in here – so let’s look at your two choices off the TCH:

West Entrance to Clarenville

Watch out! The west entrance has become a bit of a problem.  There’s lots more traffic, it’s seen three fatalities in 5 years and the TCH speed limit at the turnoff has been reduced to 70kph (but few observe it).  In fact, it’s become a hot topic at Council meetings too.  In the last meeting of Council, they continued to beat the topic of the west entrance to Clarenville to death – it was mostly sound and fury signifying nothing.  Reduce the speed limit, Lengthen the turning lane – there were lots of suggestions but no real agreement to start a passionate effort to lobby the Province for an overpass at the west entrance to Clarenville.  Deputy Mayor Frazer Russell was the only bright light in the meeting’s long winded discussion – he summed it up well when he said “we know that an overpass is needed there”.  These were encouraging words, but at the end, we were left still not convinced that Council was ready to lobby for the obvious.  

So as a tourist you’re pretty much using this entrance at your own risk – be careful.

East Entrance to Clarenville

The entrance road to Clarenville needs renovation in the worst sort of way.  You will notice that land is being prepared for a new gas station at the top of “Holiday Inn Hill” at the Trans Canada.   Originally the plan was to reroute the entrance to Clarenville and upgrade the entrance roadway – but based on where the fencing is placed, this does not appear to be the case any longer.   Regardless, as you come down the hill into Clarenville, mind the potholes. 

What are your first impressions of Clarenville?   We think we know your answer….

A Caring Community

Yes we have a lot to offer here in Clarenville and some beautiful scenery to boot.  But as it stands now you have to enter with care and hope that the decision makers make their decisions with the same degree of care so that you can come and go or better - come and stay. . 

Welcome to Clarenville!

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