Friday, May 4, 2012

There’s much work to be done in Anytown

Neil Dawe, president of Tract Consulting knows a thing or two about design.   He’s been in the design consulting business for many years and he and his company have been responsible for some of the most eye pleasing developments we have seen in this province.   Have a look at High Street in Grand Falls, the duck pond in Bowering Park in St. John’s or Margaret Bowater Park in Corner Brook – Mr. Dawe’s company has had a hand in each of these.

What about Clarenville?
EVERYONE, including Mr. Dawe knows the potential that exists in Clarenville. We have a tremendous amount of natural beauty that we could capitalize on more than we do.  He noted at a recent presentation to Rotary that potential and practice are miles apart in our town stating that “There’s much work to be done”.

We have a Plan?
Council has developed a citizen-led Strategic Plan that echoed Mr. Dawe’s observations.   Council has also adopted adopted a new Municipal plan that, in theory, is designed to ensure that the natural beauty of our town – the stuff that is truly valuable – is preserved.  As one can see in some of the recent developments around town, the practice however has fallen well short of that.

Mr. Dawe’s comments should serve as a warning to the town that we have to start doing a better job managing the development that is so essential to our continued growth in such a way as to preserve the beauty we have before it’s too late.  As  Ross Mair so aptly named his article in this week’s Packet Clarenville is fast becomming “Anytown Canada”.  (Read the article in the May 3 print edition of the Packet)

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