Monday, June 25, 2012

Handing it to Fred


"...nothing happens in a community unless you (are) were a part of it"
                                                                                                                                                 Mayor Fred Best

His name is synonymous with Clarenville.  He's been mayor forever and he's been on Council before that.   In his previous life he was a teacher, a principal and he and his wife raised their family here.   Fred is know across this province as being the mayor from Clarenville.  He has, quite literally, overseen the growth of this town for close to 40 years (He's been mayor for 31).

Having served on Council, I know that that job is not always the most pleasant and certainly not the highest paid. Regardless of one's political viewpoints of the job, the people in it do their best - because nothing happens in a community without such people's efforts. To do that for 4 decades, like Fred has done, is something worthy of everyone's respect.  His award is well earned and well deserved.

Last fall Fred Best (BA (ED.) 58, BA 65) was honored by Memorial University,  when he received the Outstanding Community Service Award.  He appears in this month's issue of LUMNUS.

Congratulations Mayor Best!

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