Sunday, June 10, 2012


Deputy Mayor Fraser Russell is right to raise the issue of (better managing) traffic flow on Manitoba Drive.  ( See Trials of travelling Manitoba in this past week’s edition of the Packet )

Roads & traffic problems have become a perennial issue in Clarenville – Overpasses and Manitoba Drive this year, Huntley Drive last year, before that it was Balbo Drive and on it goes.  The real problem is that, as a town, we have not addressed the issue of growth and the associated growth in traffic with a well though out long term plan.   

It seems as if each year we identify a new traffic problem and each year a host of people (myself included) come up with an ad hoc solution to that problem that may or may not address the problem in the long term.  

Coupled with this, each year we also hear the cry for a professional traffic study to be conducted by the Town to address the street / development planning issue.  
To the best of my knowledge despite the talk, such a traffic study has not been conducted.  

A properly conducted study could and would help to quantify the traffic issues and provide solid evidence to support a particular course of action.   Such objective evidence is critically important in helping to convince the people who write the cheques (at the three levels of government) that we have a problem that needs addressing.  Don't blame them for be stingy sticklers - it’s our tax money they are spending and they are obliged to spend in the most efficient and effective manner possible.  It's our job to convince them that we have a worthy cause.

It’s time to stop this annually debate and  get a proper & comprehensive traffic study done.  Once we have it, Clarenville will be in a much better position to plan and prioritize our roads spending and we'll be in a much better position to lobby the Feds and the Province to help us.      

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