Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The finish line for students and us ‘teacher types’ is getting close.  One of the great things about the end of the school year is the annual school concert.  This year’s final school concert at Clarenville High School provided the live audience (and now you!)  the opportunity to see the vast array of musical talent that is being fostered in our school system. 

Music teachers like Ann Lundrigan, Lisa Drover, Rod Drover, Michelle Bennett, Charlene Sawlor, and Amy Warren (as well as a host other regional musical talent that I have not named) have created and developed a   tremendous pool of talent –  our thanks to them.  

Here’s a slice of the concert – the tribute to QUEEN – enjoy our talent! 

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  1. Wow! Applauses to the students and their teacher. I believe that music classes are extremely important for our students and only because they can learn how to play a musical instrument it develops lots of abilities and unites children. I have read about a research that people who play some instruments have better results at their study and research work (if you still have difficulties find help with original dissertations online ) Maybe it happens because music makes work some parts of our brains which sleep without such exercise.