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A Cause We Can All Support - VOTE July 10/11


When Jill Monk first sent me an email on her plan to nominate Clarenville‘s Elizabeth Swan Park for the Kraft/TSN Celebration Tour, I have to admit that I knew little to nothing about neither the plan nor the tour.  But it intrigued me.

I did not need to be convinced of the value of Elizabeth Swan Park.  Quite a few years ago, when our children were younger the Moody family and our family proposed to the Town that we upgrade the town’s playgrounds. With a lot of work it happened.  Elizabeth Swan’s playground was renovation #1 and we feel good about the work we had done there to make the park better.  Having been a park user for so many years, and having seen other similar community parks across the country; I am always interested in dreaming up ways to improve our park.  I noted in an earlier blog the opportunity to add a new multipurposechalet.  Jill’s thinking was truly aligned with my way of thinking.  

After a bit of research (anyone can be an expert on any issue in 30 minutes if they know how to use Google ;)) I understood the tour concept.  It worked on the basis of a nomination, which Jill had done and then it was judged based on the level of community support for it.  Jill’s goal was to get that support and boy did she ever –  981 people, most from Clarenville, many away, wrote their support for the nomination on the KRAFT/TSN Celebration Tour Nomination Website (See the nomination and support entries ) If you read the support comments, they are a real testament to the level of buy-in Jill got for the effort that the value people put on the park, the memory of Elizabeth Swan and the Town.

This week, Clarenville was shortlisted among the top 20 of almost 500 other towns.

So now a small group of organizers are bombarding you with emails. Sorry if you think we are spamming you but we feel that with this short window of opportunity if we have a chance at all we need to ensure that 1) People are aware of the vote and most importantly 2) People Vote – a lot.  We are getting a lot of positive feedback and the business community is signing on in droves. It’s a great community building exercise!

So now we need a lot of help to win.  We need you to vote and vote a lot during a 24 hour window starting 1:30 pm Tuesday July 10th.


Backgrounder Information:

Voter Information Release

Clarenville Competing to win Elizabeth Swan Park Makeover and Host TSN Sports Centre Live!
We Need Your Votes!
Clarenville’s goal to win $25,000 for rebuilding Elizabeth Swan Park and hosting TSN Sportscentre Live is within reach. We made the top 20 in the country (out of 418 other towns no less) and we have 24 hours to make it all the way. We are directly competing with one other town (Canning, NS) to see who can get the most votes in 24 hours. That has to be us!

The Rules
  • Voting is open for 24 hours (from 1:30pm Tuesday, July 10 – 1:29pm Wednesday, July 11)
  • People vote online and can be from anywhere in the world and as often as they like.
  • The winner between us and Canning will be announced the night of Wednesday July 11 on TSN.

The Plan:
·                  Get the message out

  • Send this message to as many people as you can via email, Facebook, twitter, phone, face-to-face, sign in your window or on your lawn, chalk drawings; whatever you can think of.

  • It will be set up as an “event” on our facebook page, so invite everyone – it doesn’t matter where they live- and remind them of it

·       Vote.  

  • We think we will need 750,000 votes (based on past winners).  So we need 5,000 people to vote 150 times (at least) in that 24 hour period. How are we going to get that many votes?

o   Clarenville Middle School will be open for the 24 hours – bring a team, a group of friends, a bunch of kids and sit for an hour and vote, vote, vote.  There will be prizes and refreshments!
o   Have a voting party.  Invite people to your house with their phones, iPads, laptops, order a pizza and start voting! Post a picture of your voting party to the Facebook page and you’ll be entered for prizes as well
o   Get together with your co-workers on your lunch and breaks and vote, vote, vote! And yes, post a picture to the Facebook page and you’ll be entered for prizes too
o   Set aside a couple of hours on Tuesday/Wednesday to vote from the computers in your house. YOU CANNOT VOTE TOO MANY TIMES!

The Process
            Vote online at
        Find the link through the Town’s website at .
Let’s work together to help honour the memory of Elizabeth Swan and rebuild a community park that we can proud of for the generation to come! 

Press Release

Top 20 finalist Clarenville bids for Kraft/TSN Celebration tour

Elizabeth Swan Memorial Park – Rebuilding a community park in honour of a community builder

Elizabeth Swan was an outstanding community builder in the Clarenville region.  Elizabeth Swan Memorial Park was built to honour her memory and has served as a community gathering place for close to 30 years. 

30 years of use is showing on the Park and we recognized the need to update and maintain the Park befitting of Ms. Swan’s memory.

With that goal in mind, we submitted a nomination for this year’s Kraft/TSN Celebration tour.  The tour’s 10 winning communities each receive a grand prize consisting of $25,000 from Kraft and TSN will broadcast SportsCentre live from that community.
The people of Clarenville came out in droves to support our submission as we competed against 418 other Canadian towns & cities!  Based on that outstanding level of support, the judges choose Clarenville as one of the top 20 finalist communities!

So now it’s up to Canada to decide the 10 winners via an on-line vote! Canada, we need your help!

We are encouraging everyone, especially people of the Clarenville region, no matter where you live in the province or the country to support Clarenville ‘s bid by voting for us during a 24 hour period starting 1:30pm (NL time) on Tuesday, July 10th.

The voting process will be simple and you can vote as many times as you like. 
link through the Town’s website at .

The completion will be stiff and we will need many hundreds of thousands of votes.  We are encouraging you to share this request with your friends and contacts and we are encouraging everyone to vote and vote often on July 10th & 11th

Let’s work together to help honour the memory of Elizabeth Swan and rebuild a community park that we can be proud of for the generation to come!

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Kraft/TSN Celebration Tour -

Town of Clarenville –

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