Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our New Town Logo

Monday marked the beginning of Clarenville Day's here in Clarenville.  Clarenville Days is a week long celebration of what we have in Clarenville.  Last evening we celebrated what could be.

After a year long development process, last night the Town unveiled its new branding strategy and logo - Real - Life - Potential .

Pilot Communications designed the logo, slogan and the marketing material including a new town website ( www.clarenville.net ) that you will see compliment the branding strategy.  kudos to them for suggesting such a bold move and kudos to the Town Council for buying into it. (The degree to which we see the town buy-in and live up to the "Brand Promise" remains to bee seen - I am watching to see real change - See my previous post on this http://ourtownclarenville.blogspot.ca/2012/04/sizzle-steak-brand-aid-for-clarenville.html ).  

The new logo is a complete departure from the traditional wheel and goose logos that we have seen in the past.  Some may argue that the new logo is too generic but there is no doubt what it says: it speaks of something critically important in our town - its future.  The logo, slogan and approach  is professional, clean and future looking - like our town needs to be if it is going to successfully harness its uncommon potential.

Traditionalist and long time residents may lament the loss of familiarity embodied in the old logos but we have to acknowledge the fact that the future success of this town is dependent on the future - the next generation and it's new citizens.   To choose to live here, they will want - demand - a more more professional forward looking approach at all levels in Clarenville.  The new Events Centre, the revamp of Elizabeth Swan Park and the logo embody this professional, forward looking approach.  

Applying a forward looking progressive approach across the spectrum of things that make Clarenville what it is will contribute to the value of the town to its residents and its future residents - many of whom will be our children or grandchildren.  My hope is that we'll move sooner rather than later towards better planning, better enforcement of rules and regulations and refocus our efforts on how things SHOULD BE rather than focus on how things are or how things were.

Mayor Best, Con. Keith Rodway, and Pilot Communication's Carla Foote launching the new Town of Clarenville logo


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