Friday, August 3, 2012

An Optimistic Sign….

People dumping trash wherever they choose.

It’s an old story and one that we see evidence of all too often.   Every once in a while such a mindless trashing gets reported to the authorities, and even more rare is that sometimes it is so heinous and so bold that such a blatant offence gets reported in the media.   This latest case of “dumping stupidity” managed to make it through all three stages - I‘m glad it did and I feel that that‘s a very positive sign.  (see the PACKET “In your own backyard” by Ross Mair Aug 2, 2012)

This dumping got noticed, it got reported and it written up in the local paper.  Many people are now aware of it and with any luck the perpetrator is feeling pretty ashamed.

It’s a sign that as a town we are moving forward in developing a stronger notion of community pride.  The the Town too has to be commended for acting so quickly to get the mess cleaned up.

So yes there was bad - but the good that came out of it far outstripped the crime.  It’s a win for Clarenville!

Mindless dumping for the sake of dumping

People see this as no longer acceptable
It got reported
It got cleaned up
Increased Public awareness

Hey Dumpers - you lost!

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