Sunday, August 12, 2012

More Than One Clarenville Entrance to Worry About

Last's week's Packet included an article (Overpass Over Time) about the Manitoba Drive/TCH intersection. The Mayor of Clarenville was interviewed regarding the response the town had received from the Minister of Transportation and Works to alter the entrance. Unfortunately, there have been a few deaths at the intersection and consequently, the speed in the area has been reduced to 70 kph. Also unfortunate is the lack of adherence to that speed. At any time of the day or night you can travel that stretch of highway and encounter faster speeds.

As important, however, and more potentially dangerous is the entrance into Clarenville between the Irving and the Clarenville Inn. Unlike the west entrance, the east entrance sight lines are not good. More worrisome is the confusion with turning lanes. Being in the turning lane heading west might mean you're turning into the Irving, Clarenville or the Clarenville Inn.  In a couple of months time it will be worse when the new North Atlantic gas station opens. The plan a few years ago was to align that intersection in preparation for the gas station, however, that does not seem to be happening.

So while the provincial government will be on the hook for any sort of interchange, the town holds responsibility to plan and lobby appropriately. Planning should ensure safety of residents and concern for the environment. Lobbying means using appropriate means, such as budget consultations, to ensure issues are on the table.

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