Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Real. Life. Losing Potential: Development on Prince Street

Several months ago, I wrote a post on my blog about development in Clarenville. In the post, I referenced the importance of communication with residents to alleviate any concerns that they might have about a neighbouring development.

The development that I wrote about in February 2011 referenced concerns about flooding and timelines for completion. The development is still ongoing and today there was evidence of concern of potential flooding and impact that the development will have on those people who live on Prince and Viking Streets.  Culverts on those streets are almost full today after last night's rain. In fact, work had to be done early in the morning to divert water away from houses.

While it looks like there are plans in place to divert water, it's not done at the moment and those who live in the area are not aware of future plans. It's very disconcerting, particularly with Hurricane Igor still in peoples' minds and hurricane season upcoming, to see culverts that are full after a night rainfall.

So while plans might be in place to address the issue, what's the timeline for completion? Who's ensuring from the town perspective that the work is being done?

The Town's Development Regulations state that:

A development permit is valid for a period of one (1) year and may be extended for
one (1) additional year if requested by the applicant, up to a maximum of two (2)

So presumably this development will be soon completed. And it will address any potential water issues.  But people don't know that for sure. And that's the problem.

Real. Life. Losing Potential.

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